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Exclamations are a type of sentence in Spanish. Exclamations may contain only a single word, a phrase, a clause, or a full sentence, just as in English.

Spanish is one of a very few languages that use exclamation points in pairs, placing the inverted exclamation point "¡" at the beginning of the exclamation and the regular exclamation point "!" at the end of the exclamation. If an entire sentence is an exclamation, the exclamation points surround the entire sentence. If only a part of a sentence qualifies as an exclamation, then the exclamation points surround only the portion of the sentence that is an exclamation.

Some examples of exclamation include:

  • ¡Uf!
  • ¡Qué lindo es ese niño!
  • ¡Ojalá que haga sol mañana!